Snug Seam  

Snug Seam has evolved into the most highly regarded custom architectural panel system available today. Its precision construction and assembly allows architects and engineers true flexibility to design multiple panel configurations without compromising on weather tightness or performance.

Alply’s patented 9/16” Snug Seam joint is dry-sealed and uses an extruded silicone gasket and vapor barrier, providing a double stop against air and water penetration. Gaskets are virtually indestructible and available in a full range of colors.

Explore size, shape, material, color and finish in three-dimensions! Alply’s custom insulated metal panels are designed with innovation in mind. Employing advanced fabrication technologies, Alply invites architects’ most original conceptualizations.

Make your design possibilities a reality with panels that are:

  • Available in widths up to 60” wide and 20’ long
  • Flat in appearance with no reliance on embossing necessary
  • Curved and angled to virtually any shape
  • Dry jointed to eliminate the need for rod and caulk
  • Offered in aluminum, steel and a variety of exotic metals such as copper
  • Integrated with window systems as desired

Invented by Alply, the Snug Seam panel system uses specially designed aluminum extrusions that provide unsurpassed joint integrity and wonderfully consistent joint appearance. Panels can be curved and angled with almost unlimited possibilities, providing architects ultimate design flexibility. The dry gasket system allows for a faster, easier and cleaner installation. With Snug Seam panels, water cannot penetrate the joint, so the building stays dry.

Snug Seam panels are supplied with a coil-coated Kynar* finish. A full range of standard and custom colors are offered – providing uncompromised quality and color retention for the life of the building.

*Kynar is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc.

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