Metal Plate Wall Panels  

The architectural trend toward the use of lightweight, design-adaptable aluminum skin systems is distinctly evident today. This trend has evolved as architects and owners place greater emphasis on aesthetics and individuality in their building designs. It’s the personal statement - that final creative touch - that blends a multitude of integrated components into a functional, energy-efficient structure that performs.

Alply is at the forefront of this trend with Tech Wall - a unique range of wall cladding systems that integrate solid aluminum panels into a pre-engineered support system. Tech Wall offers architects a wide variety of design and finish options.

The Alply AB 2000 wet seal system may be used in conjunction with any of a range of perimeter extrusions and relies on a silicon sealant to seal the panel joints.

Tech Wall (Rainscreen)
Tech Wall has many distinct features when compared to any other aluminum panel system, including:

  • Full .120” or .190” thick solid aluminum panels provide a precision “taut skin.”
  • A perimeter track that allows thermal movement of panels
  • An optional attachment system that allows panels to be back hung with no face penetrations
  • Specially fabricated clips for panels that have returns

Superior flatness, ultra smooth contouring and transitional bends combine to create one of the most sophisticated plate panel systems in the world.

Tech Wall offers several weather penetration controls that withstand an extraordinary range of temperatures. While impervious to water, Tech Wall provides unique systems for condensation abatement and weepage.

System 2000
Tech Wall System 2000 features solid .120” thick formed-aluminum panels mounted directly to an integrated matrix of horizontal and vertical aluminum support tracks. This system is utilized in vertical panel applications where the product requires attachment in both horizontal and vertical joints.

System 2001 (Pressure Equalized Rainscreen)
Tech Wall System 2001 is the same as System 2000 but includes track and T-clip fastening in the horizontal joints only. System 2001 is utilized in horizontal panel applications where the product only requires attachment in the horizontal joints. Extruded drain channels are installed in each vertical joint to complete the internal weep system to the building exterior.

System 2002
Tech Wall System 2002 is Alply’s route and return system. Here panel edges are formed into return bends on all four sides and then welded and dressed to provide a seamless appearance. The panels are attached to the substructure of the building by specially formed clips located in accordance with the required design load.

Tech Wall panels are finished with a Kynar coating. A full range of standard and custom colors are offered – providing uncompromised quality and color retention for the life of the building.

Column Covers
Alply presents architects and interior designers a stunning range of surface options for columns. Satin, mirror polished and colored stainless steel column covers are available in a variety of colors and hues. They may also be enhanced by a variety of embossed or engraved surface treatments.

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